We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Stash as your go-to destination for cannabis products in Illinois. Our commitment to excellence drives us to collaborate with the finest local cannabis brands in the state, ensuring our customers receive only the best.

Explore our curated selection of partner brands, both available in-store and for purchase online. This page offers a sneak peek into the range of brands we offer. For a comprehensive view, head over to our menu page and use the brand filter on the left-hand side of the menu.

Should you want more information about any showcased brand or need assistance locating a specific item, please reach out to us without hesitation. Here’s to elevating your cannabis experience with extraordinary products and unbeatable offers!


&Shine has two focuses–offering good cannabis and sparking up a good time. You might be in a “let’s gooooo” mindset or feeling “all gooooood,” or you could be “down for whatever.” Either way, &Shine has what you’re looking for.


1906 has the claim as the #1 fast-acting edible, offering costumes targeted responses in 20 minutes or less. A proprietary combination of THC and CBD offers an immersive therapeutic experience with precision effects.


Aeriz utilizes aeroponic cultivation–a superior environment for growing cannabis. They don’t waste soil, implementing a closed-loop system, maximizing nutrient usage.


Take the alcohol in the delicious cocktails you might try at a ritzy night lounge and replace it with Delta-9 THC. You’ll then have an Artet botanical “spirit.” These alcohol-free THC-infused beverages are sensibly dosed and cocktail-friendly.


Offering uninhibited plant-powered wellness, Avexia’s cannabis lotions, bath soaks, and micro-dosing tablets blend THC and CBD for targeted, precise relief. Discover a delightful mind-body escape, integrate a healing ritual into your routine, or soothe what ails you.


Bloom Medicinals is a family-owned company bringing top-tier medicinal cannabis products to customers throughout Illinois.


Cann is the #1 selling microdosed cannabis drink in California, and it’s available in our Illinois dispensaries! Cann is award-winning–mainly due to its five all-natural ingredients from the world’s top suppliers.


CannaDevices integrates American-made glass into cannabis smoking apparatuses that are skillfully made to enhance the overall user experience. You’ll have a reliable pipe, bong, one-hitter, etc., that never fails you with CannaDevices at your side.


CannaWerks specializes in flavor by design. More specifically, they uniquely design the flavors in their tasty cannabis-infused gummies, maximizing the efficacy of the natural ingredients.


The quintessential Cookies strain is Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), which remains one of the most desirable in the world. Cookies products are rooted in authenticity and innovative genetics.

CQ/Cannabis Quencher

Initially starting as a Venice Cookie Company in 2008, CQ/Cannabis Quencher became a cannabis beverage brand focused on plant-based wellness. Now, their products are all over the US (including in Illinois), making wellness tasty, fun, and relaxing.

Crazy Hazy

Known for feminized, indica-leaning hybrid seeds with significant sativa effects and appealing aromas, Crazy Hazy strains are resinous and hefty, offering cannabis lovers a robust terpene experience and a potent high.


Finding the same thing twice can seem impossible, especially with cannabis. Fortunately, Cresco always delivers top-tier cannabis products, such as flower, liquid live resin, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

Crystal Clear

Expect a tremendous high every time from Crystal Clears’ proprietary blends because their cultivators are obsessed with quality control. They remove the need for tars and resins because they replicate the flower’s terpene profile, offering high potency and cost efficiency.

Daze Off

Daze Off aims to help you replicate the magic of the first time you felt the glow of a cannabis buzz. With dozens of vibrant, premium-quality blends, every time you try a Daze Off product, you’re a newbie all over again!


DIBZ makes some of the most delicious, potent edibles you’ll find, offering a dynamic high, and memorable experience for all customers.


Dogwalkers cannabis pre-rolls are inspired by delightful strolls with furry canine friends. The driving force in every pre-roll is offering unconditional enjoyment–akin to a walk around the park with our fluffy, four-legged furballs.

Dr. Greenthumbs x G Pen​

Do you want an exceptionally potent high while you’re on the go? Look no further than Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pens. These portable vaporizers are elegantly designed and offer all-in-one capabilities, delivering seamless water-filtered concentrate vaporization.

Encore Edibles

Terpene-enriched Encore Edibles offer classic old-school flavor profiles. These handcrafted treats are available in multiple doses, formats (e.g., gummies, mints, or caramels), and cannabinoid ratios.

Good Green

Good Green’s top-notch popcorn flower (available in multiple Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains) is only part of their story. They’re focused on the greater good–investing cannabis funds directly into the Black and Brown communities, helping the fight against systemic racism.


GPEN is committed to making the highest-quality portable vaporizers in the industry. They combine convenience, transportability, and superior functionality. They’re always one step ahead with innovative technology while maintaining cost-effective prices.


Look no further than a small north-side Chicago home for the origins story of Grassroots. There, the founders harnessed their connection with nature and their inspiration from the city. Grassroots applies these tenets to all their premium cannabis products.


INNOCENT Illinois is passionate about ending the stigmatization of cannabis. They aim to transform lives for the better with plant magic–a mission bolstered by their high-quality strains that give customers what they seek.


ISLAND has what you need, from potent pre-rolls to pods on the go. After enjoying ISLAND products, you’ll see the sunny side, even during the windiest Illinois day. ISLAND products bring a bit of California to wherever they’re consumed.


The following distinctive characteristics can be associated with Kaviar: a glass tip on each pre-roll, sleek packaging, and an elevated smoking experience. Kaviar fills the potency gap between heavy concentrates and comparatively lighter flower.


Legacy’s strain-specific, individualized focus on each plant ensures the highest quality flowers. Their extraction process is unmatched in refinement, offering full-spectrum cannabinoids that yield pleasant effects. Each expertly cultivated strain brings forth a unique sensory experience.


Lemonnade was voted the top Sativa menu in the world. Their sativa-heavy cannabis is rich with flavors stemming from their meticulous genetics and fine-tuned breeding methods.

Lemonnade x G Pen​

The Lemonnade x G Pen is filled with customizations, including a tank, Connect Battery, housing, and a hemp travel case. It’s all in the trademark Lemonnade yellow, offering visually stunning design and innovative functionality.


Lobo’s roots are in high-end cannagars intricately rolled in curred cannabis fan leaves. Their products are glazed in live resin, providing potent cannabis experiences. They’ve grown to offer infused joints and similar products, all packing a potency punch.

Old Pal

Old Pal believes cannabis should be neighbor-grown, affordable, accessible, and abundant, offering Sativa, Indiva, and Hybrid strains for the people. Old Pal is a throwback to a simpler time when friends passed joints and enjoyed a good buzz.

On The Rocks

Derived from a solventless extraction method dating back to ancient times, On The Rocks products capture the essence of flower by collecting trichomes rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Their fine-tuned refinement methods extract the plant's purest qualities.


Ozone products are ideal for any occasion, mood, or moment. It’s the perfect everyday smoke, no matter your preferences. It gives you what you need whenever it’s needed. It’s the ultimate go-to brand for your cannabis needs.


PTS (or Progressive Treatment Solutions) is a pioneer in the cannabis space and has committed itself to accelerating the normalization of mainstream cannabis in the US. It’s done so with unparalleled customer experiences and exceptional products.


Puffco aims to foster the best parts of the cannabis plant while harnessing the magic of concentrates. They focus on simplicity, elegance, and providing a full-spectrum experience.


Remedi’s products are wellness-oriented. They offer precise doses in seamless forms for users new to cannabis, seasoned veterans, and anyone in between. As reflected in their product compositions, Remedi wants their customers to find balance and feel better.

Revolution Cannabis

Revolution Cannabis has an evolving brand roster meant to satisfy all manners of cannabis consumers, from recreational users to connoisseurs and medical patients. Regardless of the Revolution product, you’ll notice an unmatched devotion to quality.


March to your own cannabis-influenced beat with RHYTHM cannabis products. RHYTHM focuses on the full-spectrum effects of the plant, harnessing the rich flavors and unique feelings offered by each strain.


Select operates under a straightforward philosophy: cannabis is a conduit to elevated experiences, connections, and moments. Thus, their processes are elevated, driving heightened innovation and product quality, inclusion, progress, and normalization.


Señorita might be a margarita without any alcohol–but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. In fact, Señorita contains 10mg of fast-onset flavorless THC. It boasts other premium ingredients, such as Mexican agave, jalapeno, lime juice, and Himalayan salt.

Simply Herb

The cultivators at Simply Herb work their magic within state-of-the-art grow facilities, nurturing their top-tier cannabis. Their products are consistently of the highest quality they’re proud to supply us with, and we’re even prouder to sell to you!

Spectra Cannabis

Spectra’s philosophy is that science and nature are one. They harness cannabis plant science, focusing on CBD-to-THC ratios to innovate consumption formats. This way, you have a more personalized relationship with their products, bolstering your experience.

Spring Lake

Everyday enjoyment is at the center of the Spring Lake cannabis brand. The brand is famous for Surp, a syrup infused with cannabis, enabling you to mix and dose how you choose.


STIIIZY is as much about cannabis culture as it is about the products. They cultivate offerings with healing and transformation in mind. This brand is for those seeking emotional or physical pain relief or transformative conversations.


Stündenglass is an award-winning innovator in the cannabis space, making glass gravity infusers. They’re ideal for smoking beverages, food, and much more!


The cultivators at Superflux develop their strains through direct interaction with the plant’s flower size, leaf shape, smell, trichomes, genetic traits, etc. They push themselves to preserve the cannabis’s essence in every produced batch of vapes and concentrates.

Tales & Travels

Tales & Travels doesn’t only offer you the tops of the cannabis plant. They give you the rich, tantalizing middle, carefully flushing, slow drying, and curing their batches over six weeks.


Terra is a well-known brand providing high-quality edibles, flower, and extracts. They have a wide variety of products, ensuring you can find what best suits your needs and wants.

The Botanist

Are you an adventurer? Or are you more of a relaxer? Perhaps you’re a healer at heart. Either way, The Botanist can be the brand that guides your cannabis experiences with top-tier offerings.

Thunder & Lightning

A brand-new cannabis-infused energy drink, Thunder & Lightning is a high-dose beverage that’s purposefully powerful, offering an extra kick of energy from yerba mate.


Tonic is the original cannabis-infused beverage. Every 12oz bottle has 100mg of THC. Dosing is simple since a dose strip on the back of Tonic bottles helps you control your THC intake.


Verano grows 160-plus strains In 14 state-of-the-art facilities. They handcraft exquisite cannabis that offers all users an elevated experience, whether seasoned aficionados or novices.


Wana is a top cannabis edible company in North America, unlocking the plant’s full potential through its composition methods. They only use the most high-end ingredients while investing in cutting-edge innovation. The result? Edibles that leave a lasting (positive) impression.


WYLD is another renowned North American edible company making delicious gummies with authentic fruit flavors. They use THC distillate and CBD, CBN, and CBG isolates with fruit terpenes to craft world-class effects, experiences, and deliciousness.

Breeze Canna

Elevate your experience with full flavor and full effect from Breeze Canna. They offer a range of premium THC vapes that make transitioning from traditional cannabis to vaping a breeze, all designed to fit your lifestyle.

Kushy Punch

As one of the nation's iconic cannabis brands and the top-selling gummy in the Golden State, Kushy Punch offers seriously potent THC gummies and vapes, featuring locally sourced full-spectrum oil and a science-forward approach that delivers a lush, full-body high, making them a favorite among legal consumers nationwide.


Enliven, a pioneering Illinois cannabis brand, is setting a new standard as the first cannabis infuser in the state, championing social equity and emphasizing a commitment to hiring individuals adversely affected by past cannabis laws while creating a range of innovative edibles.

IC Collective

With a dedication to heirloom genetics, decades of cultivation expertise, and a commitment to integrity and quality, IC Collective stands at the forefront of cannabis cultivation, crafting unique genetics and artisanal products that honor the past while pushing the boundaries of the industry.


Airo Brands is on a mission to redefine the vaping industry with an unwavering commitment to design, vapor delivery, quality, and exceptional oils. With meticulous attention to detail and years of dedication, they've created an unparalleled vaporizer system that ensures a consistent and unaltered experience from the first draw to the last.

Wonder Wellness Co

Wonder by Cresco makes it easy to explore and enjoy your cannabis journey with a range of gummies and minis designed to provide specific feelings, whether you want to focus, sleep, laugh, or relax.

Lost Farm

Lost Farm, a brand under Kiva Confections, offers strain-specific, plant-based 10mg THC edible gummies and chews infused with 100% live resin and solventless live rosin for a full-spectrum, genuine cannabis experience.


Journeyman is on a mission to bring free-spirited fun, old school simplicity, and couch cultivated connection to the world by creating high-quality, all-natural treats infused with the finest cannabis. With a commitment to purity and a focus on vegan and gluten-free options, Journeyman's treats offer a mellow, naturally radical experience that's good from the first taste to the last groovy satisfied sigh.


Essence is a line of high-quality cannabis products, curated by Verano, designed to provide consumers with premium, accessible strains that cater to a variety of cannabis needs. From premium flower and pre-rolls to vapes and extracts, Essence ensures a delightful cannabis experience that's both effective and affordable.

Redbud Roots

Redbud Roots offers a diverse range of meticulously crafted cannabis products, including pre-pack flower, pre-rolls, THC cartridges, topical lotions, purified RSO, live resin, and cured resin, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all types of cannabis consumers.


Incredibles began its journey with the mission to provide a consistent and worry-free edible experience, rooted in the legacy of special cookies that eased Grandma Noni's pain, and now they are known for their unique flavors and original recipes, setting the standard for quality in the cannabis edibles industry.

93 Boyz

Founded by Chicago-born musician and activist Vic Mensa, 93 Boyz is Chicago's first Black-owned cannabis brand, dedicated to pairing top-shelf genetics with a mission to uplift communities and bring high-quality cannabis to Illinois.

Goody Bag

Discover the delightful world of Goody Bag, your gateway to a fuss-free and enjoyable edibles experience. Offering a wide selection of tantalizing treats in Illinois and Michigan, Goody Bag's gummies and hard sweets are the perfect fusion of sweet and tart, providing a delicious journey for all cannabis enthusiasts.

High Supply

High Supply provides a constant stream of top-notch weed products, including vape carts, pens, flower, and more, for the seasoned cannabis enthusiast. Grown by Cresco Labs, it's the go-to companion for those peak moments of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Born on the West Coast, FloraCal cultivates a rich heritage of cannabis strains using rigorous pheno-hunting and small-batch cultivation, ensuring hand-trimmed, top-tier products that are worth collecting. Grown by Cresco Labs, FloraCal combines tradition with professionalism, setting new standards in the cannabis industry.

The Funnies

Experience the Joy of Nature's Grace with 'Funnies' Gummies. Crafted through NGW's innovative Live Solventless extraction process, these gummies preserve the essence of fresh, frozen plants, bringing you the terpenes and natural synergistic effects of the great outdoors in every bite.

Fig Farms

Fig Farms, the farmer-owned cultivator and breeder, proudly provides the most coveted cannabis strains in California, Illinois, and Arizona, embodying a commitment to exceptional quality and craft cultivation.


UpNorth embraces the deep-rooted traditions and profound connection to the land, consistently delivering the world's finest boutique cannabis through their commitment to craft cultivation, organic practices, and partnerships with top-tier producers


Camino, crafted by the collaborative efforts of Kiva Confections and Cresco, invites cannabis enthusiasts to explore a delectable family of terpene-tailored edibles featuring sativa, hybrid, and indica gummies with fresh fruit flavors designed to enhance your state of mind and elevate every occasion.

Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan offers fine cannabis products for everyday use, with an impressive selection of bulk flower and pre-rolls in Arizona, Illinois, and Michigan. Their commitment to preserving the original flavors, aromas, and effects of each strain makes them a perfect companion for any adventure, whether it's a nature hike, stargazing, or simply relaxing at home.


Reserve by Verano epitomizes the art of nurturing and unwavering commitment to excellence, offering meticulously cultivated cannabis flower that harmoniously blends science and artistry. Reserve by Verano understands the importance of sensory experiences, providing top-shelf buds that invite users to explore a multi-sensory journey of tactile allure, captivating scents, and profound mind and body effects.


JAMS by Grassroots is a flavor-forward line of cannabis-infused edibles. Offering an array of flavors, formulas, and form factors, JAMS caters to a diverse range of cannabis consumers, emphasizing great taste and innovative cannabinoid delivery technologies.

B Nobile

B Nobile by Grassroots is more than just a cannabis brand; it's a movement aimed at righting the wrongs of systemic injustice and ending the unjust incarceration of non-violent cannabis offenders. With every B Nobile purchase, consumers contribute to funding organizations working to dismantle cannabis criminalization and support individuals affected by these unjust policies.


Savvy Uncensored by Verano offers a unique and wallet-smart cannabis experience. This raw, rough-cut bud preserves trichomes and offers larger format sizes, making it an ideal choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly option.


Twenty/Twenty, a flourishing product line under the Nature's Grace and Wellness umbrella, is a testament to the O'Hern Family's five-generation legacy of sustainable agriculture. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality cannabis, Twenty/Twenty offers a natural extension of the family's dedication to responsible and safe cultivation.

Edie Parker

Edie Parker by Ascend, a pioneering female-founded and female-operated cannabis lifestyle brand, is breaking barriers at the intersection of fashion and cannabis.

Doctor Solomon's

Dr. Solomon's, founded by sisters Laura and Rebecca, takes a scientific approach to cannabis products inspired by their mother, Dr. Diane Solomon, a renowned research physician. They strive to provide reliable cannabis products based on rigorous scientific evidence, offering diverse solutions to help individuals regain control over their lives.


Beboe, founded by Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan, offers a unique and sophisticated cannabis experience, inspired by the compassionate use of marijuana by Scott's grandmother to alleviate his mother's cancer-related symptoms. Their premium cannabis products are designed for the discerning consumer and are available in multiple states.


Savvy, the brainchild of Verano, is a passionate and authentic cannabis brand that caters to aficionados seeking quality and value. With large-format product offerings, including portable buds, high-quality oil pens, and raw, rough-cut flower, Savvy delivers an unfiltered cannabis experience, embodying a commitment to the culture and art of cannabis.


Slims, a product under the Nature's Grace and Wellness family, stands as a testament to the O'Hern Family's five generations of sustainable farming. Their unwavering commitment to safe and responsible agriculture extends to the cultivation of medical cannabis, offering patients a natural and high-quality solution to improve their well-being.

Guap Gummies

Guap, a product under Verano, presents a delectable cannabis experience with their Savvy Guap gummies, featuring an enticing 50 mg THC dose in one substantial bite. Delight in the unconventional Jungle Juice flavor, offering a tantalizing twist on the classic fruit punch, all while enjoying the benefits of Pectin and the freedom from gluten and dairy.

Taylor Gang x GPen

Taylor Gang x GPen, in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa's iconic record label and management firm, Taylor Gang, transcends boundaries with their unique vaporizer offerings. With the memorable launch of the customized microG vaporizer to the edge of space, this brand redefines the cannabis experience in tandem with acclaimed artists like Wiz Khalifa and the Taylor Gang roster.

Tyson x GPen

In partnership with legendary boxer and entrepreneur Mike Tyson, Tyson x GPen introduces the Tyson 2.0 x G Pen Dash Vaporizer, offering a fully customized and ultra-discreet herbal vaporization experience. Designed with a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber and multiple temperature settings, this powerful device ensures convenient, on-the-go enjoyment of your favorite strains

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