The Complete Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis’s therapeutic properties, despite what federal laws say, cannot be disputed in 2023. 

Individuals, from cancer patients to people with chronic arthritis, have long experienced the benefits of THC, CBD, CBN, and other related compounds.

Who can forget the mental health benefits and how cannabis can improve your quality of life? 

Stigma-influenced propaganda might scream to the skies how cannabis is horrible and makes you lazy. We suggest talking to top-performing executives who cite their need for cannabis to make them slow down and enjoy the world instead of go-go-going all the time.

That said, traditional cannabis flower has its limits. Its potency levels and therapeutic properties can only reach a certain degree. 

Plus, those eligible to purchase cannabis shouldn’t be limited to one form of the plant. There’s a need for variety and experimentation to see what helps heal you and manage your specific symptoms. 

Alternatives do exist, fortunately. Many have vastly higher potencies and more impactful effects than your everyday cannabis flower, such as cannabis concentrates (and their many forms).

Stash Dispensaries is a reliable source of high-quality cannabis concentrates. Moreover, we’re experts on the topic and wish to help you gain a more profound knowledge of it. 

Read below as we explore the multifaceted, highly potent, and wonderfully therapeutic world of cannabis concentrates:

What Are Concentrates?

 Concentrated forms of cannabis are distilled down to the most sought-after components of the plant [1].

Such products hold onto and harness cannabis flowers’ cannabinoids (like THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis) and terpenes (responsible for aromas and flavors). 

When comparing cannabis concentrates’ cannabinoid/terpene levels to those of raw flower, there’s really no competition. Concentrated cannabis is a condensed formulation of trichomes. Trichomes are highly-potent sparkling structures (that resemble crystally hairs). 

A top-shelf cannabis flower will be coated with trichomes. Almost all surface area will be covered–but you’ll see them mostly on the bud. Thus, trichomes are the primary target of the cannabis concentration process. 

Cannabis concentration is versatile because it yields many product types and can be enjoyed in numerous ways.

Types of concentrates include [2]:

  • Wax
  • THC Oil
  • Dabs
  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • Crystalline
  • And more

Concentrates can be enjoyed by themselves or combined with flower and smoked. They can also be implemented into edibles like brownies, cookies, and chocolate bars.

It’s worth noting how concentrates have generated much buzz throughout the industry. Look no further than this LinkedIn article from a few months ago for proof [3]. The high potency levels are a massive factor in cannabis concentrates’ growing popularity.

However, the convenience of concentrates may be the crucial difference-maker. 

They’re odorless when vaped, for instance. You can be discreet and not worry about drawing attention while consuming them.

How Are Concentrates Made?

Two standard methods exist for making concentrates: Solvent-based extraction and solventless extraction [4]. We’ll explore both ways below:

  • Solvent-Based Extraction:
    • Resin–the concentrated area of cannabis–is dissolved by solvents added to the plant material during solvent-based extraction. Once the solvent is removed, extracts like vape oil, shatter, and wax remain.
    • Hydrocarbons (e.g., hexane, butane, propane) are often used during this process. Butane hash oils (e.g., budder, wax, and shatter) are products of hydrocarbon-based extraction. Closed-loop systems are used with hydrocarbons due to the high flammability levels involved.  
    • Supercritical CO2 extraction separates various compounds from the plant material. CO2 fluctuates between liquid, gas, and solid-state as it’s subjected to supercritical conditions. From there, it passes through a closed-loop system, extracting compounds. Then, the CO2 evaporates. 
    • Alcohols like ethanol are implemented when making the exceptionally concentrated and highly potent Rick Simpson Oil. Ethanol gets dripped over the cannabis flower and buds, dissolving the compounds. It’s then eliminated, leaving the extract to stand on its own. 
  • Solventless Extraction:
    • Solventless (or mechanical) extraction methods press, beat, or rub the resin out of the plant. This process produces hash, kief, and rosin. 
    • Ice water extraction is a method that begins with cannabis in a jar or Bubbleator with water and ice. The cannabis is then agitated, and the mechanical force separates the resin. This is considered one of the cleanest and safest ways to make cannabis concentrates.
    • The heat-and-pressure-driven rosin pressing method is on the other end of the spectrum. Rosin is a viscous sap that can be anything from entirely clear to incredibly dark. Often, it’s used as a cannabis edible base or enjoyed in its extracted form. The heat and pressure of a rosin press (or bag) pull trichomes from the cannabis buds and leaves. 
    • Kief is a cannabis concentrate made through shaking, sifting, then dry-sifting (amongst other techniques). A mesh is used to pass the plant material through while kief gathers at the bottom. The kief is graded on purity levels from there. 

Not all concentrates are made equal. The quality of the extraction process will dictate a concentrate’s potency levels and flavors. Stash Dispensaries ensures our concentrates are derived solely from the most expertly executed extraction processes.

Benefits Of Buying Concentrates

Cannabis flower undoubtedly has inebriating and therapeutic effects. Yet, the potency levels reach an arguably premature and undeniably immovable ceiling. You’re not going any higher once you hit the 30% (and slightly above) THC range. 

Concentrates are a whole different ball game than cannabis flower regarding potency. 

Solvent-based concentrates have the highest potency, averaging between 54% and 69%, although they can exceed 80%. Non-solvent-based concentrates aren’t too shabby on the potency front either, reaching up to 60% THC [5].

Such heightened potency means that–upfront–concentrates are more expensive than cannabis flower. However, that’s a somewhat superficial factoid.

To the above point, concentrates are cost-efficient. They’re also just generally efficient. You need minuscule amounts to feel intense (and desired) effects. Instead of burning through a bag of bud in no time at all, you hold onto concentrates for longer. You’ll likely spend less money over time because you won’t need as much.

Also, cannabis concentrates can be consumed in multiple ways. 

You’ll find them in edibles. They can also be taken sublingually (dropped under your tongue). A concentrate can be added to a joint with flower. They can also be vaped or dabbed. Really, the list goes on. We’ll explore this topic further in the next section:

How to Consume Concentrates

Below are some methods and tips for consuming cannabis concentrates:

  • Dab Rigs:
    • Dabbing means you’re consuming cannabis concentrate by vaporizing it. The concentrates in these instances are often called “dabs.”
    • A dab (or wax or oil) rig can be used to consume your concentrate. It’s a water pipe with a dab nail instead of the bowl slide found in water bongs. Waters and bubbles are used to filtrate, diffuse, and cool vapor before consumption. A small percolator (or two) and a water chamber are usually attached. The mouthpiece is typically narrow and angled for ease of use.
    • Be sure to fill the rig to the water line and slide in your banger (the dish used for vaporizing) into the right. Use a butane torch to evenly apply heat to the surface. Heat the nail until it’s red hot, then let it cool for around 50 seconds. 
    • Once you’ve reached the appropriate temperature, use a dab tool to drop your concentrate onto the hot nail. Use a carb cap to close it quickly and spin the cap to help with even distribution.  
    • It’s then time to inhale until the concentrate is vaporized. Don’t touch the nail until it’s cooled down. 
  • Vape Pens And Devices:
    • Vape pens are usually button activated. You may need to press the button while you’re pulling. Although some vape pens are draw-activated, and you just need to draw on them.
    • Most important with vape pens is not pulling with the same firmness you’d apply to a cigarette. Pull gently to avoid too strong of a hit. 
    • You can use other vape devices too. Some will be for concentrates only, while others will be dual purpose. You’ll need to load the heating chamber, but be sure not to leave wax on the heating chamber.
    • Don’t load too much concentrate into the chamber–only enough for a single sitting. You’ll sometimes need to set your temperature settings and press the power button for it to work. Remember to power down the device so it can cool, and wipe any excess concentrate from the heating chamber.
  • Mix With Cannabis Flower:
    • Significantly bolster a cannabis flower joint’s potency by sprinkling in a crumbly concentrate (e.g., shatter, kief, or hash).
    • This process is simple. Break up the flower as you usually would, and mix it with your concentrate of choice before rolling it.
    • Be careful with your concentrate distribution. You’re merely trying to add a bit of a potency kick–remember that a little does a lot in the world of concentrates.

How to Properly Dose Concentrates

Stash Dispensaries believes 100% in the therapeutic power of cannabis and its many products, concentrates included.

In fact, concentrates’ heightened potency can often yield far more impactful therapeutic and medicinal benefits. However, this benefit is something of a double-edged sword. 

The same immense potency that can foster healing is also more likely to have adverse consequences than less THC-rich forms of cannabis. 

Compared to having a bit too much of a traditional flower joint, dosing even slightly too heavily on concentrates is more conducive to agitation, anxiety, paranoia, and even psychosis [6]. As we’ve said, a little does a lot with concentrates. There’s no need to push things to the limit.

We suggest that beginners start small–and we mean minuscule. Always be aware of the potency levels to know just how small to begin. 

Something with 80%-plus THC wouldn’t necessitate much more than a light pull of a vape pen–avoid using the dab rig.

Cannabis veterans who aren’t used to concentrates should also proceed with caution. 

Flower and concentrates are similar but far from one and the same. Start as small as any beginner would.

The less potent the concentrate (e.g., ones derived from solventless extraction) will offer you more leeway. You can be a bit more liberal when dosing lower-potency concentrates but still starting small and gradually growing. Less THC-rich concentrates remain high in THC.

Unfortunately, there are no universal guidelines for dosing concentrates. 

We suggest speaking with team members at your dispensary and being transparent about your experience levels. 

What Else Should You Know About Cannabis Concentrates? 

We’ll reiterate that the heightened potency of cannabis concentrates makes them more conducive to experiencing side effects like anxiety, paranoia, agitation, and paranoia. 

Thus, it’s vital to proceed with caution whenever using concentrates. Even people who frequently consume such products don’t require a substantial amount to reach their desired state. Concentrates aren’t meant for rampant consumption.

Lastly, the potency levels of concentrates call for rigorous quality control. Dosing such a large amount of THC has risks that are vastly mitigated through controlled portions and safe products.

You’ll find safe, high-quality concentrates at Stash Dispensaries. We’re in the medicinal cannabis business and ensure we only supply products that contribute to the healing process.

Conclusion: Want More From Your Cannabis Experience? Concentrates Might Be What You’re Looking For

Concentrates extracted with and without solvents offer potent effects to medicinal users seeking relief and enjoyment. It’s also a highly discreet (and odorless) form of cannabis consumption. 

This hyper-pure form of cannabis can be purchased as shatter, wax, oil, and much more. It can also be dabbed in a rig, vaporized in a pen, and sprinkled into a traditional flower joint–and we’re only scratching the surface.

You’ll typically get the most out of your cannabis concentrate consumption if you’re well-informed. Blindly and wantonly dosing can have results ranging between very unpleasant and outright harmful.

So, keep learning about concentrates and examining the methods and forms to best suit your medicinal needs.

Stash Dispensaries is the ideal place to visit as you learn about these products. 

We’ll supply you with and teach you about cannabis concentrates. We only sell premium cannabis concentrates, and our team of experts will guide your purchasing and consumption journey.


  6.,agitation%2C%20paranoia%2C%20and%20psychosis. . 

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