How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Joints and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jam. 

Yes, many methods exist for cannabis consumption. You can vape it and eat it. Even when you smoke it, you have plentiful options besides joints, whether bongs, pipes, or one-hitters.

However, nothing is quite as iconic as the cannabis joint.

While you can purchase pre-rolled joints, rolling your own is inherently satisfying and fulfilling. What’s more? Almost anyone can roll a joint, but it takes some practice to perfect. 

Below, we’ll provide a wide range of tips on how to roll a joint. 

The Basics Of Joint Rolling

A joint is a cannabis cigarette. 

The essentials for joint rolling include:

  • Cannabis flower.
  • Something to grind the flower (either a grinder or scissors). 
  • Rolling papers.
  • A poking device to pack the joint tightly. 

Ensure you use high-quality cannabis products and accessories when starting your joint-rolling “career.” Reliable grinders, exceptional rolling papers, and top-tier flower will vastly enhance your overall joint-rolling experience. 

Step-By-Step Rolling Guide

Here are the basic steps for rolling a joint:

  • Prepare the cannabis by breaking it up in a grinder (or with scissors in a small glass). Ensure the flower is ground up finely so it evenly burns when you smoke it. Also, you’ll want to remove the seeds and stems to further ensure an even burn.  
  • You’ll want to use your preferred rolling papers. Zig Zags and Rizlas are two classic brands. However, far more options are available these days to provide you the ideal joint-smoking experience based on your preferences. Weigh factors like thickness, material, flavor, and whether the papers are bleached. Click here to learn more.
  • The technique you use will also matter. For instance, cone joints tend to hold more flower but are harder to roll. Cylinder joints are easier to roll but don’t hold as much flower.
  • You’ll need to tightly tuck the paper around the filter. You then must follow the tuck until the joint is rolled entirely.
  • You’ll also need to seal the joint by licking the adhesive lining on the joint. The finishing touches include using a poking device (e.g., pen or chopstick) to pack the cannabis into the joint tightly. You can pack any cannabis flower that’s fallen out while rolling. 

Rolling Variations

Below is a list of instructions for the three primary rolling variations:

Classic Joint

  • Use your grinder, fingers, or scissors to break up your cannabis flower.
  • Using your index finger and thumbs, fold your rolling paper diagonally.
  • Evenly distribute ⅓ gram of ground cannabis into a 1 ¼ inch wide rolling paper without overstuffing.
  • Ensure the adhesive-coated side is facing you. Pin the paper between your index finger and thumb and roll it to pack the cannabis in.
  • Seal the joint by licking the gumline. Begin at the mouthpiece end, then use a poking device to pack the joint.
  • Twist the joint at the end, and you’re ready to smoke. 


  • Blunts are to cannabis what cigars are to cigarettes.
  • You’ll need a specific blunt wrap (e.g., Backwoods or Zig Zag brand). 
  • Grind your flower to medium levels–ensure it’s not too fine to ensure optimal burning.
  • You might need to remove the lining to unravel or flatten the blunt wrap–which is narrower than joint paper. The narrowness prevents the wrap from folding over itself while promoting smooth burning.
  • Apply moisture (e.g., saliva or dipping your finger into tap water) to make it easier to roll the blunt wrap while preventing small tears.
  • Fill the blunt with between a gram or two of flower (blunts are bigger than traditional joints and require more cannabis).
  • Once you’ve packed the blunt evenly–by rolling the ground cannabis flower between your fingers–tuck the wrap under itself. Add moisture to the inside of the exposed edge from end to end. Smooth any wrinkles with your fingers.
  • Once the blunt is rolled, seal it together by “baking” or drying it (running a lighter under the seam and around the outside). This will promote an even burn. Don’t hold the flame too close–you only need a bit of heat.


  • Follow the same directions for a classic joint, but add tobacco to your ground flower.

Spliffs and joints are better for more relaxed, casual occasions. Blunts are ideal for special events, including vacations with a group of friends or at parties.

Tips For Perfecting Your Technique

First and foremost, practice makes perfect with joint rolling. You won’t be a master right away. However, patience and persistence will help fine-tune your skills.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when rolling:

  • Avoid using low-quality grinders.
  • Don’t under or over-pack your joints.
  • Don’t over or under-moisten your joints.
  • Ensure your joints aren’t rolled too tightly or loosely.
  • Don’t forget to properly seal your joint.

Note that your joint quality can diminish if you’re in too humid of a space. If you’re storing your joints for future smoking, store them in a plastic canister. 

Adding Filters And Tips

A filter tip gives your joints structure and airflow. Without one, joints often smoke like you’re sucking a straw, and they’ll continually clog. 

All you need to do to make a filter is tear some cardboard off your pack of rolling papers, roll it into a tiny cylinder, and insert it into the end of your joint. You can also buy a pack of filters or tear off pieces of a business card.

Legal Considerations In Illinois

Recreational cannabis consumption and sales are legal in the state of Illinois for adults 21-plus. Purchases must be made from licensed dispensaries like Stash. We comply with state laws to ensure the safe distribution of cannabis laws. 

Note that you need your government-issued photo ID to prove you’re old enough to purchase from Stash. 

Also, we wish to emphasize the importance of safe and responsible consumption of all cannabis products.


Whether you wish to consume cannabis via joint, blunt, or spliff, the tips above will empower you to DIY the rolling process. 

Also, ensure you pack your joints with high-quality cannabis flower, such as what we sell at Stash Dispensary! Check out our vast selection of cannabis products or read our blog to learn about the wide world of cannabis. 

Lastly, remember to enjoy safely and responsibly!

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