How To Store Cannabis Products For Freshness

In a less enlightened time, when purchasing cannabis was a black-market pursuit, cannabis consumers were often stuck buying only enough for a scraggly joint and nothing else. 

When dealing in nickels and dimes, who needs to bother with storage?

Fortunately, times have changed.

Nowadays, with the growing legalization of the cannabis plant’s adult recreational sales throughout the US, you’re no longer saddled with scraps.

Even purchasing 3.5g of flower is no small amount. It’s a lot like buying a couple of bottles of wine (also known for specific storage best practices).

In a sense, you’re making an investment when you purchase legal cannabis. 

Preserving freshness and maximizing quality with the appropriate storage methods for when you partake will optimize your highly experiential return. Doing so offers the most value for dollars spent.

So crucial to preserving freshness, quality, potency, flavors, aromas, etc., is cannabis storage that it’s the topic of this illuminating article:

Understanding What Affects Cannabis Storage

Primarily, cannabis freshness is impacted by oxygen, temperature, light, humidity, and time.

Cannabis storage is meant to protect your cannabis from–or optimize–the elements detailed above. If cannabis is not stored correctly, these elements–and your cannabis’s exposure to them–will adversely impact long-term quality.

The cannabinoids will dwindle in potency. Terpenes won’t provide the pleasing aromas they’re meant to. And, really, your cannabis won’t offer the enjoyable experience you paid for.

Fortunately, following the appropriate storage techniques discussed in this article will maximize your cannabis’s quality.

General Storage Tips

A general rule to simplify cannabis storage is to ensure your containers are airtight, moisture-resistant, and opaque. This will simultaneously lock in freshness, prevent UV-related damage, and keep your bud appropriately dry.

Note how temperatures above 77 Fahrenheit will lead to mildew and mold growth. Plus, it’ll cause the evaporation of terpenes and phytocannabinoids. 

Air exposure–a common pitfall of improper storage–causes flower to go stale, destabilizing THC and transforming the cannabinoid into cannabinol (CBN), which leads to higher levels of burnout or “couch lock.” 

Overexposure to light and UV rays can cause buds to bleach. To many people, the resulting white blotches might resemble trichomes or “crystals.” However, it’s actually a sign the flower has degraded and dwindled in quality and potency.

Storing Cannabis Flower

Your cannabis flower container needs to be airtight and dark. Opacity is a huge plus. Yet, you can also use a clear mason jar since it won’t let in oxygen, and store it in a closed drawer or cupboard to shield it from light.

Opaque glass or ceramic airtight containers are widely available. They’re more convenient than mason jars since they won’t require a drawer or cupboard to protect flower from light damage.

Furthermore, ensure the storage environment doesn’t exceed 70 Fahrenheit to prevent the bud’s overall quality degradation. 

Plastic containers and bags are a no-no for cannabis storage.

Even “airtight” plastic tends to be porous, exposing any contents within to oxygen, which will dwindle the quality of the cannabis it’s holding. This notion extends to Ziploc bags despite how frequently they’re used to store buds.

Humidity Control

The ideal humidity level for your cannabis storage is something of a balancing act. 

Case in point: Your cannabis will shrivel up when the storage environment is too dry. Meanwhile, mildew and mold will grow if the container is too moist. 

On average, 60% is the ideal humidity (i.e., relative humidity or RH) to preserve your bud’s flavor, aroma, and potency. Some connoisseurs prefer lower, even going as low as 54%. 

Tiny moisture or humidity packs can be stored with cannabis in their container to optimize the environment within. Different cannabis types will vary in ideal humidities. Some might exceed 60%, and others might thrive at a percentage below. 

Fortunately, packs are available in multiple RH levels and will have their percentages listed.

Avoid These Mistakes When Storing Cannabis

When you fail to mind matters such as preventing air and light exposure, humidity, and temperature, you leave your cannabis vulnerable to potency loss, mold, and general degradation.

The most common and easily avoidable mistake cannabis enthusiasts make is failing to store their flower at all. You might think you don’t need to bother because you don’t intend to hold onto your cannabis that long. Still, you’d be surprised at how fast buds can degrade in quality, quickly drying out and losing flavors/aromas in unfavorable conditions.

Say you realize the importance of storage and never neglect using a container. Be mindful of how a clear mason jar might be airtight, but if left out in the light, any cannabis within will be exposed to sunlight and damaged.

Another frequent error made–and one we’ve discussed–is storing cannabis in a Ziploc bag. These don’t remain airtight and turn porous, causing your buds to go stale, lose flavor and aromas, and dwindle in quality.

Storing your cannabis in the same environment as something else with a strong odor will negatively impact the flower’s aroma. Ensure no other strong-smelling objects are in your storage container.

Furthermore, the 70-Fahrenheit benchmark doesn’t simply involve avoiding high heat. It also means keeping your stored cannabis out of cold areas like fridges and freezers, as these will rob your buds of the moisture they require while damaging trichomes.

Tips For Traveling With Cannabis

Slightly clunkier jars might offer some difficulty if you’re transporting cannabis via public transportation. That said, they’re easily stored in a backpack. 

Smaller, airtight, humidity-controlled, and more portable options you can stick in your pocket are readily available, too. This works if you’re walking, driving, or taking the bus.

Be careful when traveling across state lines. In fact, we suggest avoiding leaving the state with cannabis in hand since it’s not legal on a federal level. 


Correctly storing cannabis maximizes its quality, freshness, aroma, and potency for a more extended period. This process entails keeping your flower in an airtight, opaque container or jar with optimal humidity and temperatures.

Also crucial to ensuring your cannabis maintains its overall quality for the maximum amount of time is purchasing a top-tier strain in the first place. 

On the above note, Stash Dispensaries carries industry-leading cannabis strains and products that will enhance your experience with the plant.

Browse our products menu today to learn more about cannabis and its benefits.

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